Kyle Caruso Wins Big


     Kyle Caruso began working with Mr. Swiger (a former teacher) last year to develop an idea he could take to competitions and market. They came up with a shoe brand that incorporates technology for fitness purposes. You use the device to track your workouts to help set and achieve your own personal work out goals. He took the shoes to the DECA state conference where he placed first, the FBLA state conference where he placed third, and was a finalist for the WVU High School Business Competition. For being a finalist, he received a $10,000 scholarship good for any college in West Virginia. Kyle also competed in the International Career Development Conference in Orlando and was invited to compete in Chicago but could not go. He plans to compete in the FBLA state conference again this year.




Kyle with his mentor Mr. Swiger


Kyle’s first place medal from the DECA state conference


On his trip to Orlando, Kyle got to visit Epcot!