Honors Band

   Recently, 12 band members from John Marshall participated in the Region 1 Honor Band, a group made up of chosen band members from high schools in Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler counties. To participate,  each student had to be recommended by the band director at each school. Selected students took part in the two-day event, spending nearly 20 hours practicing on a Friday and Saturday.    This year, honor band took place at Wheeling Park's Performing Arts Center and culminated with a public concert Saturday evening.

    JM junior Paige Wallace said the biggest advantage of participating was "learning how to come together with strangers, and make something beautiful and unique on the fleeting amount of time I have with that particular group." No band member from any school is able to see the music they have to perform at the concert before they register on the first day. All the students have to come together in a short period of time and be able to play their best. "Playing with others schools is not particularly hard, but not easy. I think because we were surrounded by people who all had the same passion for music, it became less of a burden and more exciting, which made all of us work harder" said Lexie Logston. Although the students had little to no down time during these two days, they still were able to enjoy themselves and create new friendships. Shaun Hancher says, "While I was there I was able to make a new friend who also played the tuba, he was also a junior and we had a lot in common."


Front: Meghan Byrd, Kailey Filben, Alexa Jasinksi, Courtney Stewart, Paige Wallace, Lexie Logsdon, Linzy Rhodes.
Back: Dominic Campeti, Hannah Thomas, Joseph Lucey, Shaun Hancher, Chris Kuskey.