Consider Traveling Abroad

Traveling to Europe is a wonderful and adventured filled experience. Going to different countries exposes you to their culture and different people. My group had the opportunity to travel to Italy and Greece. We were able to visit the Colosseum, the Acropolis, Pompeii, Florence, Vatican City, and many more. Every day I learned something new about the culture. The food was amazing because everything was prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Taking advantage of this experience was one of the best decisions I made in high school. John Marshall offers this to all its students and helps them fund their trip. Some of the fund raisers we were able to complete were assisting at the Italian Festival, selling Amish cheese, and candy. Some students were able to pay for their whole trip by being involved with the fund raisers.

Once you’re able to pay for the trip, the planning and packing can start. One of the most important documents you will be taking with you is your passport. This lets you leave the country and return. You need to keep your passport with you at all times. The second most important thing to bring is the money you transfer into euros or other forms of money. Being able to have some spending money lets you buy clothes, food, and souvenirs you wouldn’t be able to buy in the United States. After you have those packed, you can start packing things like your clothes and other essentials. One helpful tip when traveling- pack light and wear comfortable shoes. Packing light gives you more space in your suit case to bring back all your souvenirs and wearing the right kind of shoes decreases your chance of getting a blister or sore feet.

I highly encourage all students to get involved and travel to Europe. For some people this is a once and a life time experience. If you are interested, Ms. Weirhem and Mrs. Wnek are in charge and will give you more information and details about the upcoming trips.