On the Move


Moving can be exciting, or moving can be stressful, but most of the time it is both. In my case, moving has been quite challenging. Probably because I have lived in the same house for my whole life, and this type of thing has never came up before. The house we were moving out of was up Route 86, and the house we were moving into was in Moundsville. The journey is not very far, but the amount of trips we had to take made the move feel like we were moving hours away.

I live in a house with all girls, so one can imagine how many car loads we had to take filled with just shoes, shoes, and more shoes. It was crazy, but when your grandma works at a shoe store, what can you do? One of my biggest challenges was finding someone who could carry my box of shoes or my box of Bath and Body Works sprays, lotions, and shower gels. Clothes was another thing that took up a lot of boxes and time to move. You never really know how much you own until you move.

Besides all the car loads, we also had to make two trips with the U-Haul to transfer furniture. There was a ton of furniture; furniture that is wide, heavy, and too big for the doorway.  My grandpa was always building things; therefore, we ended up with very beautiful handcrafted furniture pieces, but with that comes a price. His pieces are so heavy! Those are the pieces that were very time consuming to move and hard to fit out of the doors. Some furnishings had to go out of the back doors and down the stairs of our icy, back deck!

Because it was just us girls, we had to get some lifting help from boyfriends and fiancés. Still that was not enough help. I ended up tweeting that my mom would pay two people $50 each if they would help us unload the U-Haul. Luckily, we got some more help! Thank goodness for all the extra help; otherwise, I would still be trying to move either the big hutch from downstairs or entertainment center from the living room! Another very helpful set of hands was my grandma and grandpa. My grandma is really good at figuring out where things should go. I think my grandma missed her calling, and she should have been an interior designer because she is really good with decorating.

Besides the heavy moving, another challenge I had to face was my mom. She is a go-getter. We had just rented the U-Haul that day, and my mom wanted nearly all the boxes emptied and furniture in place. One of my favorite moving memories was when my mom and I were still packing things at like 2 AM, and my mom yells, “Abbey, you better go to bed. I set the alarm for 3 AM.” I was like what Mom? And even worse, when she woke me up she said, “Abbey why can’t you get up? It’s 4 AM; I gave you an extra hour to sleep.” Between cheering practices, studying for AP psychology tests, and being my mom’s daughter while moving, I no longer knew what sleep was. Luckily, things in the new house began to come together, and our busy schedule began to slow down. I’d like to say that’s the last time I’m moving, but as a senior, I know that I will be doing this again in a couple of months. To all you seniors, be organized when moving and for goodness sake, get rid of some shoes!