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WJMH Media’s broadcast of Santa’s Workshop began airing Monday on West Liberty University’s WLU-TV, Xfinity channel 14 and The law firm of Gold, Khourey and Turak helped WJMH Media put on the telecast by donating $500 to the Broadcasting Technology program.

Christopher Turak, an
attorney with GKT, loves to give back to the community during the holidays. “Christmas is a magical time of the year. It’s a time
of merriment and joy, and if we are able, even in just a small way, to make
someone else’s Christmas special or that much more fun then it’s a wonderful
opportunity for us.”

Broadcasting teacher
Carly McElhaney and her students have decided to use the money to help others
during the holiday season. “We
appreciate everything GKT does for us and for the community,” McElhaney explained.
“Their generosity has allowed us to give back to students in Marshall County
during Christmas.” McElhaney is grateful for the partnership WJMH Media
has with GKT and the kindness of everyone who made the annual broadcast

WJMH Media also received help from
other businesses and the staff at John Marshall High School. Santa’s helpers
included: Mrs. Wells who provided WJMH Media a Christmas tree and decorations,
Wal-Mart who loaned WJMH Media all of the wonderful toys shown on Santa’s
Workshop, Mr. Booth who lent WJMH Media the workshop table and Abby Bunch with
Chairital Bliss who donated her time and equipment for the decorating of the
set for WJMH Media. 

While getting ready for the holiday season, children across the Ohio Valley sent letters to Santa. The letters are being read on the show, and pictures are displayed of the children who sent in a photo of themselves.

To watch WJMH Media’s production of Santa’s Workshop, tune in daily until December 24, 2019 on West Liberty University’s WLU-TV, Xfinity channel 14.  New episodes will air every Monday.  The show times are at 7:00 am, 7:30 pm, and 10:30 pm. You can view the show anytime at