Senior Information and News

The class of 2018 is a very welcoming class that treats one another like family. Throughout the years they have all been through many challenges, but always are able to help each other out in any way possible. The class of 2018 is very caring about their peers, and always wanting to help the community out in any way possible. All throughout high school, many seniors have volunteered at various events in order to put a smile on someone’s face. Just knowing that they are able to make someone’s day, can brighten the mood for the seniors of 2018.

Various events that seniors have volunteered at correspond with the club or occupation that they are involved in. Many students are in National Honor Society, Drug Free, Student Council, Book Club, Spirit Club, Nursing, Welding, etc. While participating in the club that they chose, many seniors are constantly helping out everyone around them. Some events that seniors have volunteered at include: Special Olympics, night to shine, freshmen orientation, and caring for the elderly through their nursing class.   The class of 2018 is known for their achievements and caring actions. They are always trying the hardest that they can to complete every goal that they have for the future. These seniors are willing to show everyone how great they truly are through the many events that they attend.

~Alexis Williams

Senior Class Officers

Mackenna Strait
- Treasurer
Lauren Garcia
- Class VP
Megan Denning
- Class President

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