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9-11-20 Tweet about FinalForms

Marshall County parents now have an option to use electronic forms for beginning of the year forms and athletic forms.  MCS purchased FinalForms for our schools, parents, and students to use for the 20-21 school year. 

A parent can create an account which will then be used to associate their child with them.  After filling out the form with basic contact information, the information can be used for multiple children without having to enter all the information again.  And next year, the information will still be there so student registration and updating of information will be even faster.

More information about FinalForms can be found by clicking HERE, and the login for Marshall County is at

Information Technology and Computer Repair

Andy Gaudino

Room 261




A+ Essentials
A+ Operating Systems/Networking
Networking Technology 1
Networking Technology 2


Webpage Design


Before taking this class I would have never expected to have been able to build my own computer, to troubleshoot or even setup a network.  But now I am able and confident in my choices to pursue knowledge in this field that I want to make a career.

-Luke Olson 2017

Class Description

This class is a Simulated Workplace and a project based class in which students learn typical problems found in computer operating systems and hardware. Students learn troubleshooting skills, starting with basic problems and then advancing to more difficult issues. They learn how to maintain operating systems and repair issues pertaining to wireless networks and more.

The second half of the class is solely focused on preparing students to be in the work force.  It is all project related work.  The class is focused on the network, analytic, and complex side of the IT field.  This class is targeted at juniors and seniors.