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9-11-20 Tweet about FinalForms

Marshall County parents now have an option to use electronic forms for beginning of the year forms and athletic forms.  MCS purchased FinalForms for our schools, parents, and students to use for the 20-21 school year. 

A parent can create an account which will then be used to associate their child with them.  After filling out the form with basic contact information, the information can be used for multiple children without having to enter all the information again.  And next year, the information will still be there so student registration and updating of information will be even faster.

More information about FinalForms can be found by clicking HERE, and the login for Marshall County is at


Tammy Durrah


Lora Kull


Room 137





Course Descriptions

Students may apply to the program at the end of the sophomore year. Admission is based on the student’s GPA, attendance, disciplines, and the interview.  The program is limited to 20 students.  Students enter the program in the junior year and begin learning about the systems of the human body and the necessary requirements to becoming a health care professional.  The senior year consists of on-site clinical rotations at the Good Shepherd Nursing Home, job shadowing experiences at Reynolds Memorial Hospital, and many other medical facilities in the local area.  Upon successful completion of the program; students will take the WV state certification exam for Nursing Assistants and will be eligible to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  For those planning to attend college and major in any Health Science program, this program provides an excellent foundation for any career path.  This cluster also offers a one semester course, Health Science Career Exploration, available beginning in the sophomore year, where students are educated in the numerous careers available in the health care profession.  This class is an elective and is not a prerequisite for admission to the program.