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  • Introduction to Advanced Placement
    • Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide rich course material, classroom discussions, and demanding assignments. The assignments typical of AP courses will help students develop the content mastery and critical thinking skills expected of college students, and feel confident in their abilities.  Successful completion of national AP tests can lead to earning college credit and help a student stand out in the college admission process.  AP courses require above-average WESTEST scores, teacher recommendation, and at least a 3.0 GPA. AP classes require additional time commitments for coursework both in class and outside of school in the form of summer readings, independent research, homework assignments, and study time. The amount of time will be higher than the amount of time designated for Honors classes.  Students carrying a high number of AP classes need to take this into consideration especially if participating in after school curricular activities or working a part-time job.
    • For more information about AP and to visit the official site, click the link below.
  • AP Commitment Letter
  • AP Exam Policy
  • Recognition of our Students in AP
  • Application for AP fee waiver
  • Which colleges accept AP credit?