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List of Travelers

We did it!  We have a total of 48 travelers who have submitted their deposits for the trip.  We are taking names to add to a waiting list in the event someone cancels.  This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  To have your name added to the waiting list, see Mrs. Artimez in the senior commons office or call her at 304.843.4444. 

The following is a list of the current paid travelers. 

Altmeyer, Dawn
Campbell, Tracy
Campeti, Dominic
Chambers, Brooks
Craig, Davis
Craig, Joshua
Cumberledge, Brandon
Fincham, Sara
Frohnapfel, Abigail
Frohnapfel, Kristen
Grose, Kara
Grose, Kayla
Howard, Joyce
Howard, Shelby
Johnson, Jordan
King, Diana
Leasure, Indya
Leasure, Robert
Longworth, Julie
Nieratko, Judy
Pettit, Kailey
Powell, Brandi
Prettyman, Jamie
Pulver, Megan
Rhodes, Linzy
Riggs, Debra
Robson, Zabrya
Rogos, Joanne
Shock, Morgan
Smith, Erin
South, Carley
South, Lee Anne
Stipetich, Frank
Stipetich, Shannon
Stipetich, Susan
Tedrow, Patience
Weekly, Chantel
Wehrheim, Marilyn
West, Dennis
West, Keaton
Whorton, Carli
Wiedebusch, Morgan
Williams, Patty
Wnek, Michelle
Wnek, William
Wright, IV, George
Wojtowicz, Oscar
Wu, Ken